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New Entrants

Managed Learning Program

Any new entrant to the Gas Industry will need to undertake a formally recognised training program. Providers of such training need to be formally registered with IGEM, and only operatives that have completed such a program of training can undertake their initial Core Gas Safety certificate. We are have completed the approval process to deliver such courses are are now officially on the IGEM list of recognised training programmes.

These courses are aimed at new entrants into the gas industry. Operatives will receive around 40 days "off job" training, including practical and theory tests. On successful completion of this operatives may take a relevant "Core Gas" element and appropriate appliances.

Operatives must be able to gain sufficient "on job" experience by working with a registered engineer, and be able to produce a portfolio of evidence supporting this work.

During the course there will be practical and theory tests designed to ensure that sufficient knowledge has been gained for the operative to progress onto their ACS assessments.

Courses are available for Natural Gas and the various LPG elements, all tailored to the specific requirements of the sector.


This course is designed for new entrants into the Oil industry. Full information can be found on the Oil Courses page.