All of our trainers hold recognised training qualifications, and are in qualified in the subject area that they are teaching. They have also had significant experience "on the tools" in the work areas so are fully aware of the requirements of the engineer in the field.

Our training rooms are fully equipped to deliver the professional training on which we pride ourselves. The majority of the theory training is via powerpoint, however it is very much trainer driven. Our goal is to use powerpoint slides as a plan for the training, not to deliver the entire session word for word from the slide!

We have practical training facilities that are entirely separate from the assessment areas. These enable the theory training to be put into practice, and hopefully aid the learning process.

Refresher Training

We are able to offer refresher training prior to assessments. There is no requirement to undertake this training, operatives can opt to go straight into the assessments. However we find that operatives who undertake refresher training benefit from the update. This also helps to remind them of areas in which they do not regularly undertake work, but the qualification extends to these work areas.

Free Update Training

Operatives who undertake refresher training can also benefit from our free update training. An operative who has undertaken refresher training with us in the past 3 years can attend our refresher training (for the same category) for free. Places are limited and there are terms and conditions attached, but please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.