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Water Courses


This one day WRAS approved BPEC certificated course. The course is designed to allow compliance with Building Regulation G3 (2010 Version) that applies to any unvented cylinder irrespective of capacity. This version of G3 also now has additional information for the safe installation of open vented cylinders.

All pre-course study material is sent out on receipt of payment, this includes self study questions.

The assessment takes the form of an open and closed book exam (most questions multiple choice) and a practical fault finding exercise.

Candidates must have a recognised qualification in either plumbing, gas, heating or proven experience.

Water Regulations

The Water Regulations course is an essential course for anyone wishing to become an "Approved Contractor". Many local authorities, Housing Associations, Health Care Trusts and Builders and Developers are making "Approved Contractor" status a pre-requisite. Any contractor undertaking plumbing work on behalf of Water Undertakings are also required to become "Approved Contractors".

This is a one day course, covering the essential information contained in the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999. This is a BPEC certified scheme and is accepted by all of the "Approved Contractor" schemes. The fee includes all pre-course self study material and certification.

Pre-course material will be sent out on receipt of payment. The assessment takes the form of an open book (most questions multiple choice) exam.

Legionella Risk Assessment and Disinfection of Water Systems for Mechanical Services

With all rented premises (Homes, Caravan Sites, Hostels) now requiring a Legionella Risk Assessment to be carried out this course is the choice for operatives who would like to extend their work into this area. This requirement has been raised as a result of an amendment to HSE Legislation (L8 - The control of legionella bacteria in water systems).

This is a one day course covering how to carry out a Risk Assessment and Disinfection of water systems. Operatives must hold a Water Regulations (or Water Bylaws) qualification prior to attending.

Full information on Legionella, L8 and the Risk Assessment process can be found on the HSE Website. There is also a handy leaflet for duty holders available via the HSE Website.

If you wish to use your iOS/Android device to electronically complete the risk assessment we have a link with Stroma. It will cost £5 per form, with no ongoing charges. The report is completed on the tablet and can then be viewed/sent directly to your customer. The following link will take you to the signup page.