Core Categories

We are able to offer core categories for both Natural Gas and all LPG areas

Managed Learning Program (MLP)

This course is aimed at new entrants into the Gas Industry. More information can be found on the New Entrants page.


We are able to offer both Domestic and LPG Specific appliances

LPG Changeover

If you already hold a valid CCN1 (Core Natural Gas Safety) then you can extend your scope to include LPG by completing a changeover assessment for the required area(s)

LPG Assessments

LPG core assessments are divided into four areas:

  • PD - Permanent Dwellings
  • LAV - Leisure Accommodation Vehicles
  • RPH - Residential Park Homes
  • B - Boats

Oil Courses

We are able to offer the following oil assessments

  • OFT-50 - Oil Fired Introductory Course
  • OFT-101 - Domestic/light Commercial Pressure Jet Appliance Commissioning and Servicing
  • OFT-105E - Domestic Oil Firing Installation and Energy Conservation Measures in Buildings
  • OFT-600A - Domestic and Non-domestic Oil Storage and Supply Installation

Energy Efficiency (Part L)

CSkills equivalent to the City & Guilds 6084. Ensures that operatives are compliant with Part L of the building regulations for Conservation of Fuel & Power.

Electrical Courses

We are able to offer the following electrical courses:

  • Essential Electrics - Provides the minimum requirement under the Electricity at Work Act for anybody to work on an appliance containing any electrics
  • CH Wiring & Fault Finding - Wiring and fault finding on "S" and "Y" plan installations
  • Combi & HE Fault Finding - Operation and fault finding on combination boilers and modern High Efficiency appliances

Water Courses

We are able to offer the following supporting courses:

  • Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems
  • Water Regulations
  • Legionella Risk Assessment and Water Systems Disinfection for Mechanical Services

Gas Safety Awareness for Managers, Supervisors and Allied Trades

This is a non-accredited half day course aimed at delivering basic gas awareness to Managers, Supervisors and other allied trades. These people will not work on gas supplies, or appliances, but will be required to have a basic awareness of appliances, flues and ventilation to ensure the work they are completing does not effect gas appliances.