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Now that you have enrolled on one of our courses there are a few tasks that need to be completed:

  1. Read through your Joining Instructions
  2. Download and read the Qualification Handbook
  3. Download the appropriate Application Form and post it back to us with a passport quality/size photograph. We must have your application form returned to us (a scanned copy is acceptable, but the original is required at the start of the course) no later than 10 working days prior to the start of the course.
    1. ACS Gas
    2. OFTEC
    3. Water
    4. Electrical
    5. RQF
  4. Ensure that you have the following Documentation (tick list provided with Joining Instructions):
    1. Original Certificate - We must see your original certificate if you are undertaking reassessment or extending your scope. If you can not present your original certificate you will not be able to undertake the assessment. Duplicate Certificates can be obtained by contacting the Certification Body who issued the certificate. For further information see below.
    2. Approved Identification - We will also need to see some form of approved identification. This would need to be one of the following:
      1. Valid Passport
      2. Valid Driving Licence (Photo)
      3. Photo ID issued by the Border Agency
      4. Valid Home Office issued work permit
      5. Other Photo ID issued by another Government Agency
      6. In exceptional cases a Birth Certificate, Travel pass (with photo) or Under 21 ID issued by the local authority may be acceptable
    3. Evidence of National Insurance number
  5. If your course has access to the E-Learning system log on and work your way through the activities. The idea of the system is that you use the books to find the correct answers, not learn the answers to the questions. A big part of the assessments is knowing where to find things in the books. The questions on the E-Learning are not questions you will get in the assessments.


Certification Body Contact Details

If you need to obtain a replacement certificate you will need to contact the Certification Body that issued it. Contact details for those CB's that will have issued certificates are below: